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WordPerfect/Can't Open a Word Document Created Using Corel Wordperfect X5


Greetings and so many thanks for any help you could provide.  I am on deadline and have been workinmg on this for 3+ hrs. with no end in sight.

Using Wordperfect X5, I created some Word (97) documents yesterday and now each time I try to open them, I get a "unknown file format" message.  I made sure that I was in the Word mode, and still the documents do not open.  I tried going into the WP mode and that didn't help either.  One thing I did this AM before all this started was to close the Compatability box, but then went in to toolbars and rechecked that box and it brought up the Compatabiluity box again, which helped for a moment and then I was unable to open the Word docs again.  Can you help??  Many thanks.

The question is a bit vague. Are you trying to open the documents with WP or WORD. If you haven't tried opening them in WORD, try that.
Try going to Control Panel and in the UNINSTALL A PROGRAM section, use the REPAIR option. Also, if there are not a lot of graphics in the documents, you can get all the text back by opening the document in an ASCII editor like NOTEPAD. You will have to strip all the extraneous code manually, but you will be able to recover all the text. It's a sorry solution sometimes, depending on what is in the document.
Try running WP in WP mode and opening the documents and let them convert to WP mode and save them as a WORD document after.
ALSO, try using OPEN OFFICE (Free Open Source) It sometimes will open WP files and is completely compatible with WORD. Not perfect solutions, I know. If you can supply more information, that would be helpful. Good luck with the deadline.


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