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WordPerfect/inserting photo in WP 10 document


Hi Mike,

I've been trying to insert photos into a WP 10  (version document using INSERT>GRAPHICS>FROM FILE and opening a jpg file with a 71kb-size, 640x640 photo. WP inserts the photo but with a black square in the lower right (or left) quadrant (ie, a quarter of the photo is a black square). I've tried different photos with the same result (on one, half the inserted photo was black). I'm using Windows XP.

Any suggestions?


I'm off to take someone to a chemo appt. but here's some things that comes to mind off the top of my head. Open the jpg with a graphics program and save it as a bmp or some other format. WP always re-formats all images into bitmaps before using them.
Also, try (if available) in Control Panel/uninstall, use the repair option if its available.
Last, version 10 & 12 have a lot of issues with modern operating systems like XP and later. I would definitely consider upgrading to at least X3. You can find 3-5 here at very reasonable prices if you get the OEM version.
Good Luck


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