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I have owned WordPerf for over 3 decades and have formatted labels countless times. This time, I can't get Avery 5161 to format without spaces between the labels. Avery 5161 DOES NOT HAVE spaces between the labels. I've just copied and updated all my address book entries in a file that had the the previous entries and 5161 formatting. Throughout the process, the formatting was correct for 5161, but when I deleted all the previous entries in the file, I somehow lost the correct formatting. As a result, all the label spacing is now off (4 lines of type vs. the 5 I expected). I cannot get 5161 by selecting it in the Format/Labels method. There is no other label formatting in Show Codes when I use the Find Codes feature. HELP!

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "I can't get 5161 by selecting it in the Format/Lables method. Do you mean that it doesn't show up on the list, or what you get is not the expected label as it was in the past?
If you don't see it in the list make sure the radio button beside Laser printed OR Both, but NOT the Tractor fed list is pressed.

Otherwise, here is what you do.
Choose Avery 5161
Click on the EDIT button.
On the bottom right of the dialogue box you will see a section marked LABEL MARGINS
Set the top and bottom values to zero.
Good Luck


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