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WordPerfect/macro in word perfect to save as word doc


I need to create a macro in Word Perfect x5, that enables me to save documents 'as' a Word doc. Can this be done? Individually and as a batch conversion?

I understand that is is very "old school" to have to do this, but its deems absolutely necessary with the files i'm working with!

I am completely clueless with Word perfect, let alone creating macros in it! Can anyone please help!

Depending on the version of WP you are using, these steps may vary slightly.
This is to save individual documents as MS Word.
Tools>Macro>Record: (Give your macro a name here say, remember to leave the three letter extension (letters after the dot) the way WP puts them. then press Record. Then go through all of the steps you would normally do to save the document as an MSWORD document.
File>Save As:give it a name, In the File Type drop-down list choose the MSWORD format you want it saved as, and choose Save. This takes you back to your original document where you press Tools again, Macro and Record. This compiles and saves the macro. Now to get that macro to appear on your tool bar do this.
Right click on the tool-bar, choose Edit. This will open up a dialogue box. Click on the Macros tab. Click the Add Macro button. This will take you to a folder where the macros are stored. Find the name of the one you just created, in my example "" Double click on it, SAVE MACRO WITH FULL PATH, answer yes. A little icon that looks like a cassette tape appears on the toolbar. When you are ready to save your document, just press on that button. Fast and seamless. You can create any macro that way.
By the way, this is one of WP's amazing features, you can use it to automate almost any task.
I have one to convert a document to minimum margins, one for portrait and one for landscape.
You can create them to make fill in the blank templates, it's endless. I have one to delete all the "Carriage Returns" (called Hard Returns or HRt in WP.

Batch conversions. This is not a WP issue. It is a generic file conversion issue. I suggest you Google, Word Perfect to MSWORD batch conversions.
Didn't try this but here's an answer here:
Good Luck


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