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I am looking for quick and easy directions on how to create simple macro's for users within our office to for example, open their individual letterhead. Thanks!

Creating a macro is as simple as recording the keystrokes/mouse actions as you make them then saving the resulting file as a macro. Go to TOOLS/MACRO/RECORD (it will prompt you for a file name here - long filenames are ok) and do the procedure exactly as you would do it otherwise. When you are done click on TOOLS/MACRO/RECORD again and there you go. Now, if you want a button on the taskbar that will activate that macro from the toolbar: Right click on the toolbar and choose EDIT, choose the MACRO tab and choose ADD MACRO. It opens to the folder where the macros are stored. Choose the one you want. When is asks you SAVE MACRO WITH FULL PATH, say YES. The macro appears on the task bar as an icon with a cassette tape look. How that button looks is fully customizeable too. Before closing the toolbar editor, double-click on the macro button you just made and a dialogue box with an editor button will pop up. Choose edit and away you go.
Have fun.


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