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Mike, I am an attorney.  When I edit large documents, I find it helpful to insert tables [1 row, 1 column] to create a text box within the document wherever I want to add notes, thoughts, etc.  However, when I want to share this document with others, I need to delete the tables because they might contain privilege material.  If I do a search for tbl def and replace with “nothing”, the table structure is deleted but the text that was within the table remains.  Of course, I can manually delete the entire table, one by one, but that is tedious and time consuming.  Is there a way to do a search to delete the table and its contents?  Thank you!

This is the best I could come up with. Unfortunately you have to play this macro for each table you want to delete. Also, it will delete any table it finds. It won't ask you if you want to keep a certain one. BUT it will stop after each deletion, so you could scroll through the document and place the cursor before each one you want deleted and just use the macro that way.
Also if you are not familiar with putting a button on the toolbar to play the macro with a single mouse click, here are the instructions to do that:

Right click on the toolbar where you want the button for the macro to go, Choose EDIT, then click on the Macro tab. Choose ADD MACRO and that will open up a dialogue box with all the macros listed. Choose the one you want and click on SELECT and answer yes to SAVE THE MACRO WITH FULL PATH. A little icon that looks like a cassette tape will appear on your toolbar. Choose OK and test it out!
Good luck.
PS you can make your own icon to replace the one WP uses. Again, just right click on the toolbar and choose EDIT. Then DOUBLE-CLICK on the icon itself on the toolbar. Another window will open and click on the EDIT button and a window with a limited graphics app will open and you can color away.

OOPS! Can't attach a macro file so here are the commands. First click on Tools, then Macro, then Edit
Choose any macro file and select and delete ALL information in the macro. Then paste this:

Application (WordPerfect; "WordPerfect"; Default!; "EN")
RevealCodes ()
SearchString (StrgToLookFor: "")
SearchNext (SearchMode: Extended!)
RevealCodes ()
RevealCodes ()
TableDeleteTable (DelWhat:EntireTable!)

Choose FILE-SAVE AS and save it with a unique name. Then go ahead and put the button on your toolbar. DON'T PRESS SAVE OR YOU WILL DELETE THE OTHER MACRO! USE SAVE AS
Hope this helps.


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