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I have tried for days now and you are my last attempt to get an answer.

I have WordPerfect X3 and a divided page of 2 different tables.  How do I turn off the left hand side table  before going on to the right hand table? I was able to do so in my previous version of WordPerfect but just can't seem to do the same thing in X3.

Thank you.

This is bit vague. What do you mean about turning off a table?
Here is the method of creating a two sided page and putting a table in each side that is totally independent of the other. Is that what you mean?
Page Setup
Select Layout Tab
Up Columns counter to 2
Exit Page Setup
Create your table on one logical page
Place the cursor outside and below the first table
Hit CTRL-ENTER to create the second logical page
Create your new table.
Tables are independent.
I'm not sure what you are asking. Hope this helps.


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