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WordPerfect/"unknown file format" message


Using WordPerfect X4. I have a calendar created in a table. When I insert or move clip art or immediately after printing I get a message "unknown file format." Sometimes, but not always, the document will also lock up.

There are many reasons a document will lock up.  One is the document is corrupted.  Does this happen if you insert the same image into a new blank document?  Is this a document that you use over and over again but just change the dates?

How big (file size) are the images you are inserting?  Are they Wordperfect images or from the internet or your own photos?

Have you tried creating a new document from start?

The following website has a very good over view of WordPerfect troubleshooting.  A small snippet is included below.

I. Troubleshooting and repairing WordPerfect documents and templates
Could the problem be with WordPerfect or with the document (or template)?

Some symptoms of problems:

The program fails to start.
The program starts but it is very slow to load one or more existing documents -- such as the one you last worked on.
You see an "Unknown Format" message when opening a document.

WordPerfect documents (.wpd, .wcm) and templates (.wpt) can become damaged for several reasons. Here are the most common ones:

Improper shut-down of WordPerfect -- e.g., turning the computer off before closing WordPerfect; power surge/dropout; a forced reboot while working on a document; etc.
Assembling many files or file fragments into one document.
Lots of copy-and-paste or cut-and-paste operations on the same document -- especially involving format codes, graphics, etc. (N.B.: If you need to re-use the same document as a "template," why not turn it into a custom template and reduce or eliminate such problems?)
Corrupt "objects" that were imported or inserted into the document, such as graphic images (especially very large ones), tables, custom styles, etc.
A conflict with another program in memory, especially if it causes a forced reboot.
[Less common but worth considering:] Problems with the computer disk -- e.g., cross-linked files, damage to the disk surface, disk writes failing to complete due to write-caching, etc.  



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