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We upgraded our computers in December and now have WordPerfect X6.  No change to the printers.  Our computer people transferred all our macros over, which included all my different forms of labels.  None of the macros worked and no labels work.  All my labels are the Avery kind that are just one column and are fed through the document feeder like envelopes in the center of the tray.  When a label prints, it prints to the far left and mostly misses the label.  I tried to start from scratch and bypass the macro, but it still doesn't work.  It must be a setting somewhere and our computer guy doesn't know.  Any ideas?

What Avery number is the label. And what are you printing on the label (exact text). I will see if I can duplicate the problem. In the meantime, try doing a repair of the install. It is found by CONTROL PANEL - UNINSTALL A PROGRAM choose WP and choose the repair option.


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