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WordPerfect/WP X5 Format differs between workstations


QUESTION: I have one user who will make a document in WP X5 and then send it to other users. Those users (and there are 15 or so others that experience this) all see strange formatting anomalies. Examples like page breaks in unusual areas. Extra Tabs in header areas. Etc.

He can save the document and open it up himself again without any format issues reoccurring. Other users will see all formatting issues. This occurs on multiple documents he creates. I have already re-installed the X5 package.

ANSWER: The only thing I can think of to try is a repair of the installation. If that doesn't work, then a complete uninstall and re-install will be in order.
Both are options in Control Panel - Uninstall a program.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have done this (complete reinstallation). The issue persists.

I have actually done some very thorough testing between the problem workstation and the others after I submitted the first question. I've checked the format code and the code is accurate on both machines. I've copied the text to another new document and sent it to the other user. Issue is still present. I've swapped printers for any possible print driver issues. I've made sure all workstations are on the same version of WP. Other users creating documents and sending to the problem user do not show any signs of error but all users see issues when he creates a document.

I was unable to get the document displaying incorrectly on the source workstation until I saved the document as a Microsoft Word doc. Then, I was able to see the issue on the originating workstation...

Any of this give you an idea?

Holy crap! This is a good one! Now,what if you transfer the document outside the network - thumb drive or something. Also can you try outside of your local network? Can you email a document home? Please let me know how this all works out. This is a good one. Maybe send an offending document to me.
Good luck.


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