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WordPerfect/bates numbering on labels


I have just purchased the WP office x6 and need your help with the bates numbering function in the word perfect word processing software.  
What bates does is allow you to serially number pages such as
client--001  client-002 etc.

We need bates numbers on labels (the 80 to a page avery label 8167) and can't get it to work.  The instructions contemplate bates numbering a page at a time and will not work with 80 to a page labels.  Any ideas?

Hello, I see what you are trying to do.  From what I understand the Bates system number pages in a document.

You are trying to create labels based on this system and not on pages within a document.

I would create the list of numbers you want to use in a spreadsheet and then merge them to the labels.

Setting up a mail merge

Bates Numbering System

Good luck and Happy New Year.



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