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I'm a user of WP since 4.0 went to 4.1;  presently have wp x6.

I am at a total loss on how to create a keystroke macro;  in wp 8 we could name it, designate the steps, save and that was that -- alt p for double spacing for example or  alt Q for insert paragraph symbol and auto paragraph number.  I've looked at the manual for x6 that came with the software and it's no help.  The built in macros even seem to require multiple keystrokes.  Any ideas?



Yeah, sorry. Not really good in this area. I have looked at some compiled macro files and they are pretty wild. The only Macros I have been successful in were done this way.
From the drop down menus choose: TOOLS/MACRO/RECORD
Then simply do the operations as if you were doing them in a document. You can use the mouse and use commands from the drop down menus or key stroke shortcuts. When you have done all the procedures you want to do simply press TOOLS/MACRO/RECORD again and it will prompt you to save the macro and you give it a name. Then you can access that macro by menu item TOOLS/MACRO/PLAY. Or Alt-F10. You can also assign the macro to the toolbar. Right click on toolbar and choose EDIT/MACRO(tab)/ADD MACRO Find your macro you just created and add it to the tool bar. There is an Icon editor too. Just double click on the little cassette tape icon and you can edit the picture. Hope this helps some.
Good Luck


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