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I am using WordPerfect X6. For some reason, something changed when I want to print. When I click on the PRINT icon, or FILE Print, the page comes up with the page "Print to Brother MFC-J475DW Printer" but the PRINT button at the bottom is faded and not useable. Instead, I have to go to "Print Preview each time and then click on the left printer icon. I cannot seem to get it to recognize that I only one a certain page or pages to print.
I would like to restore it so that when I click on the Print icon, then click the PRINT button after specifying which pages to print.

Keith - I have the same issue on a computer with WP installed that is not compatible with my new Brother Printer.    However, the difference is that I can not print, even from Print Preview.  I know why mine won't work, my WP computer with Windows Vista is not compatible with my new printer that works off of Windows 8.

If I understand correctly you can print from print Preview.

In Print preview  > Print Preview Tool bar there are 3 printing icons on the right end.

Print Current Document which sends directly to the printer
Print which specifies what to print
Print Preview

You might see if clicking on the middle icon works..

So the question then is, was there a recent Windows update?  Which version of Windows are you using? Do you have the most recent update for your printer.  Is your printer connected directly to your computer or are you using a local network?

There is an article which I can not verify that might be helpful, you are not the only one to have this issue.  It might be another source to make an inquiry.


As always make sure you are comfortable with any resolutions that you try.

Best of luck.
Happy New Year


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