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I am working with a very large document (operations manual) and am having several formatting issues.  The document is a result of a collaborative effort and most chapters have been incorporated from other users.  Some have been converted from Word to WordPerfect and inserted into this existing document.  I am using WordPerfect 6.1.

The first 85 pages of the document have no formatting problems.  The last 85+ pages have numerous issues.  First, all of the content on these pages is underlined and bolded.  Also, there’s a section that appears to be in Chinese.  When revealing codes, I am unable to find any of these beginning or ending formatting codes.

I have tried to add a blank page before where the problems began and copy text into that page.  That didn’t work initially, so I copied all of the problem text into a separate document.  The text came over fine with no text attributes at all – so I’ve lost any formatting that I’ve done.

Next, I deleted the pages of the document that had the text problems and the page preceding that and saved it to a new document.  WordPerfect stopped responding at that point and I had to reboot.

Rebooted and had the saved “new” document.  I then copied the clean text into the “new” document.  Again, none of my text attributes came over, but I was able to place the clean text in the document.  I tried to save the document and WordPerfect stopped responding again.  This time I was unable to reboot my computer so I am not sure that the clean text was saved.  I am waiting for Tech service to unlock my computer.  Right now I am using my home computer to type this question.
So…  My question is – Is it possible to search for codes within the original document and delete them so that I may retain my original formatting (table of contents, bulleting, etc.)?  I am at a loss as to how to continue without recreating weeks of work reformatting the clean text.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hello -I understand your frustration but it is very difficult to paste a Word Document without the code and yet still keep the formatting.

Word is known for all of it's coding.

Hopefully you have a backup copy of this document.

I would "try" pasting the text into a WordPad document .  This might keep most of the formatting  and remove some of the code.

Last resort, of course, is to paste the document as plain text, but it will remove everything.  

Have you considered opening the document as a Word document within WordPerfect.

Collaborative documents have issues and are not easy to format.  Word creates section breaks which when working are great but don't necessarily edit well.  It would have been easier if the document had been created in plain text in the first place and then edited in one word processor all at one time.  But... as they say hindsight is a wonderful thing.



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