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WordPerfect/WP 12 problem with upper & lower margins


Hi there.  I was reading through some of your previous answers to questions on WP12 and I see that WP12 has brought you the most questions.  I hate to bother you with another, but I haven't found the answer yet.  I am using WordPerfect 12 for a 20  page (and growing) document.  It should have normal margins of 1" on all sides.  However, after I have saved the file and come back later, I find that the upper and lower margins are not where I left them.  It seems that the further into the document we go, the larger the margins get.  They start out at 1" on the first page, but then increase to 2" margins, and by the time we get to page 20, the margins are at 2.34".  This is happening in more than one file and its very frustrating.  When I go to page set up & redo the margins, there is no affect.  If I go through the document, page by page and reset all the margins on each page, I can at least print it. That is, until I save the document and close it out then the next time I open the file were back to wonky margins. *sigh* Additionally, there will be added white space in between paragraphs, sometimes even in the middle of a paragraph.  Do you know why this is happening and how to stop it?  

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!

If you have read through my answers you know that my usual answer is to upgrade to a newer version. At least X3. This is a problem with newer operating systems just not being compatible with WP12. X3 can be bought here for $16.95
I would recommend that.


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