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WordPerfect/Problem with turning of Read-Only Message in Wordperfect X6


Dear Mike:

I am a longtime Wordperfect User, like yourself, but have recently been stumped by a problem.  I copied all of my Wordperfect Files onto a Fantom External Hard Drive prior to changing my computer.  I had used a local clone, built by a local Seattle company, Computer Stop, and replaced it with an HP All-In-One, with Windows 7, which works fine.  I upgraded my Wordperfect from X3 to X6 on the new computer.  For some reason, when I hook up my Fantom External Hard Drive to my new computer, the HP Desktop All-In-One, and try to open up a Wordperfect file, I can open the file, but it opens up automatically as a "read-only" file.  In order to save any changes, I have to rename the file with a new name.  This is getting very frustrating.  I just want to work with the old file, make changes to it, and keep the same name.  I don't want to have to keep saving old files as new files.  This would get redundant very fast and is completely unnecessary.  I have researched how to turn off the Read-Only option, but, so far, have been unsuccessful.  Do you have any thoughts or advice for me?  Let me know what you might suggest I do.  

Many thanks,

Jay Krulewitch
Seattle, WA

p.s.  I loaded Wordperfect X3 onto my new HP computer, but, alas, I am having the same problem as noted above with Wordperfect files automatically being opened as "read-only" files.

This is actually a windows issue but I think this is what it is. Probably when you copied your files to the external drive, it set the attribute to READ ONLY. To change this, select the folder with the files in it with a right-click. Choose Properties from the list. On the dialogue box that opens, see if the READ ONLY box is selected. If it is un-select it. That should do it.
Good Luck


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