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Hi Mike,

I have some old DOS text files that I want to convert to Windows. I have Word Perfect 8.0 and I want to convert some old DOS text files to Word perfect 8.0 or any Windows XP program.

I remember doing it one time but it may have been on Win 98 and FAT 32. XP is on NTFS. I did it once on an old PC so it may have had an older version of Word Perfect and running on FAT 32. But I remember opening the DOS file in Word Perfect and printing from that.

I am on Win XP now and have Word Perfect 8.0 and it will not open a DOS file. Is there an easy way to convert the file?

I may still have an old hard drive with Win 98 on it so I thought about just fire up that hard drive and put Word Perfect on it and connect it up to my printer and try that instead of trying to convert the DOD file to NTFS.

What is the easiest way?

Without knowing why WP won't open the files this is the best answer I can give. Usually if WP won't open a txt file is because the file is corrupt in some way. Embedded in files is usually a bunch of code that the word processor puts in when it saves the file. Date, font, color etc. That's what becomes corrupt. So, open the file in Notepad first. Strip out any extraneous data and save the file again. You can then open it in WP and save it again as a WP file or a txt file, it doesn't matter. If this doesn't work, contact me again and I will get more details.
Good Luck


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