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Hi Nancy,

I see in your profile that you know DOS too. Years ago I wrote my life history for my grandchildren for when they got old enough to want to know how I grew up (a little over 100,000 word count). I wrote it in DOS. A couple of years ago I took a section out of it and opened it in Word Perfect (it would not open in MS Word) The section was my term in the Army in Germany (57 to 59 close the the East German border). Since then I had it published in a small paper back book just for friends and family.

I now want to do the whole story into a book for my grandchildren and I tried to convert the DOS file to a .doc file in Word Perfect 8 but at first it would not read the file. The same with MS Word. I am now on Win XP Home Ed and the files are NTFS and a friend said the DOS is probably FAT 16. So I put Partition Magic on my PC and was going to install Win-98 on a partition.

But, Partition Magic installed an old FAT 32 version of MS Word and it opened the DOS file. The problem is that the text is full of square blocks. I can edit them out one at a time but the text is over 100,000 word count so it will take me a month of Sundays to do it.
Do you know how I can either edit all the square blocks out of the text or a way to convert a DOS file to a .doc file so the blocks are not in the text?

Howard, if the file is in an "32 version of MS Word" it should be a *.doc file already.  The NTFS files are like compressed zip files.

Just for FYI

So you have a file.

If I understand correctly your are using Word XP.
From the File menu > Open > Select Files of type and choose *.txt > Open

See if opening as a text file works.
There are other options as well like *.rtf but if this doesn't work I would suggest changing the font of the document.

Select All (CTRL+A)
change the Font to either, Courier, Arial or Times New Roman and see if that removes the symbols.

I am unable to duplicate so I am not sure what the squares represent, it usually means that the document is in a font that is not installed on your computer.  Having said that if you are removing them and your text is still there then they are not representing necessary letters.

You might try a search and replace by selecting one of the characters > Copy (CTRL+C)
Search and Replace (CTRl+H)
Paste (CTRL+P) in the Find what field
leaver the replace with field empty and Click Replace.

I am assuming you have a backup copy of this file, if not be sure to save it under a different name.

There is that thought as well, Have you tried > File > Save AS > Save as type > *.txt file?

I wish you all the best with  your project.


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