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I have a issue with the Font and the symbols when I use in Word Perfect X6 I use the Font “Century Schoolbook” but when I use symbols with the help of “Ctrl+W” the shape is changed and they show as Italic and it’s not look good or I say identify properly. Please check these symbols to check the difference "π, α" I have recently install the new version before that I used the “Coral Word Perfect 6.1” and there is no such a issue please give me a favor and solve my problem as soon as you can!!! it would be appreciated.

ANSWER: Hello - I am not able to duplicate what you are experiencing.

I would ask - When inserting symbol are you choosing Greek?

Open Reveal Codes Alt+F3 and  insert "π" , click on the symbol in reveal codes are you seeing 8.33 ?

There is an article at...

that might be helpful.

The symbols referenced in the question are coming across as HTML reference codes.

"π, α"

You can manually type the symbols using ASCII code but the results will vary depending on the Font being used.  They work in Notepad.

Alt key + 224 results in α and ALT + 227 results in  π


New installations of WordPerfect often include installation of Fonts.   It may be your Font list has changed or how the fonts are being read.  If your printer does not recognize the font it will substitute the default and you would not be aware.

You might try using a different font to see if that is the source of the issue.

Hopefully experimenting with different fonts will be helpful


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Symbols Problem
Symbols Problem  
QUESTION: First Thanks for your quick response. This time I attache a jpg file I have used Same symbols with same Font size but only change is in Font style which is required but in old version no change is there after changing the Font style as I mention in attached Picture but in New version of WordPerfect X6 symbols changed and as I mention with Red line in Picture please see the difference and help to solve this

Hello - how some symbols are displayed is dependent on the font and how the font is interpreted.

I would suggest that you do a browser search on the following, you will be able have a better understanding of how  you are using the symbols than I.

Greek symbols math italicized a

I would certainly try a different font to see if you can find one that will be what you are looking for.

All the best.



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