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WordPerfect/Toshiba upgrade hijacked my WP11!


My laptop forces an occasional upgrade, and since the last one (yesterday), my trusty WP11 seems to have been altered.  When I try to save a new document, it takes me to PerfectFit Document Management and wants a password.  Even if I steal an old document and try to use it to save a new one, the same thing happens.  My head is getting ready to explode.  I just want to save my document in its new folder, but WP11 now won't let me.  Have been WP loyalist since early 1980s and want to continue (since I despise Word....)

Thanks for any help you can offer.  I didn't purposely or even accidentally change any settings, but the upgrade might have done something.

Kat, there are others who feel as you do and do not want to use Perfect Fit.

The following should be helpful.

If not and you need further information, do a browser search on

disable PerfectFit Document Management

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