QUESTION: Here's the problem. I'm doing a tabloid, 11x17, of 24 pages. I have headers on each page. In the header, the name of the paper and the page number are on top, and there's a horizontal line beneath that. On page 14 and continuing to page 24, the space between the horizontal line and the next column is larger than the spaces pp. 2-13 (page 1 has no header). Everything looks exactly the same when I view the specs, but it's not coming out right. Why?

ANSWER: Bob, from the sound of it you have two separate header/footers defined.  I think the easiest is for you to use the tutorial how you create A or B header/footers, this should help to update one of them.


I hope this helps.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks, Nancy. I went back and reset the headers, starting with the first page. The Reveal Codes information is identical in all the headers, but the problem persists. I have been a WP user for two decades, and I think I know my around the software. But this problem is baffling. Undoubtedly, I have goofed somewhere. Thanks, anyway.

Bob, I have been seeing if I can duplicate what you have and I am seeing a "Header Sep 0.178"  associated with one header and not the other.

this is referring to the distance Between text and header 0.178

I would check your reveal codes for this tag and see if they are different somewhere.



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