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Hi -- I am trying to convert a word document to WP  (I have the X3 version) and some of the text is jumbled or bunched together, that is 3 or 4 lines are all combined into one line that you can't even read.

How can I "unjumble"?  I've tried changing the line spacing but find it's still set at 1.0.



Gene,  I do not know how involved the formatting is of your document and how many pages it is.

Depending on how large the document and how formatted it is, you can...

Copy and paste the entire document as unformatted text into a new blank document or just the "jumbled text" as unformatted text replacing what is already there in the converted documents.

To paste unformatted text,
 Select the text
 Click where you want it pasted
 Edit menu > Paste Special > Unformatted Text

Hopefully this will work for y ou.  By pasting unformatted you have removed the formatting associated with the text that is jumbled.

I hope this helps.


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