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WordPerfect/new problems that did not exist in the past


I have been working with wordperfect12 for almost fifteen years and have been fairly lucky in figuring out most of its nuances that baffle me at times for several days, but recently I have run into more problems than at any time in the past.  My present problem is having to rebuild a document because a new photo has been selected to insert into a place that was previously occupied the same space. The new photo is automatically thrown to the page below and no amount of maneuvering around the objection of the software to allowing it is acceptable.  It seems that it becomes necessary to rebuild the entire page on another folder to circumvent the problem.  

This another similar problems such as converting a page into a PDF file has been a another new problem that has recently surfaced that in the past was never a problem.  

Are there new rules being made that we -- regular users -- are not privy to?  

Whenever I have had the problem of a graphic jumping page, resizing seems to always work. But, from your description of your experience, I'm sure you tried that. The other thing is that WP 10 and 12 are really buggy since WIN xp came out. I would suggest upgrade to at least X3. You can get really cheap OEM versions of WP here:
New problems are usually a result of Windows upgrades that all of a sudden interfere with apps.
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