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QUESTION: I wanna know if there's a word processor out there that can highlight bodies of text that contain words I specify, so I can cut and paste them all at once.

For example if I Ctrl+F the word 'city,' the locations of that word would be on a single sentence, in some cases two, in some cases an entire paragraph.

As in: 'I went to the city.' I want to take the whole sentence, even if it's just by itself.

Or: 'I went to the city. There was a ton of traffic.' I want both sentences, as a body of text.

Or a paragraph; it would take the whole thing. Basically, any size body of text that contains the word city, I want highlighted so I can just cut and paste it elsewhere. Kind of like a triple-click, except you're highlighting multiple bodies instead of just one.

I've never used WordPerfect; just MS Word. I asked someone and they said MS Word can't do this. But, I'm curious if WordPerfect could, or perhaps another program.

Thanks if you can help,

ANSWER: The immediate answer to your question is, "I don't know," because, I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. There is probably a way to do this with a macro, but as I said, I'm not sure exactly what you are asking.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm sorry, I'll try again :3

Here's what I'm asking: When I Ctrl+F to highlight every instance of the word 'Office' for example. I was wondering if WordPerfect (or another program like it) can also highlight the words around each 'Office' it finds. The sentence it's in, or the paragraph that its in. It'll highlight all of them.

The specification is Office. And, the option to 'grab everything around each Office in the entire document.' Again, like a bunch of triple clicks all at once, targeting our specified word.

So after doing this, you'd have not just every instance of 'Office' highlighted, but the entire sentences and paragraphs that have Office in them would be highlighted.

If WordPerfect can't do this, that's okay. Though I'd really like to know if there's simply no way any program could do this. Which I hope isn't the case, because this feature would save me so much time <3

Thank you for being patient with me,

Sorry, I have been away on holidays.
Short answer is probably but, unfortunately I don't know how. It would take a complex macro that would include either/or operators in it. (I'm guessing) I am not that advanced but I'm pretty sure it could be done.
If you can find a WP Macro forum, you might be able to find someone who can design that macro. Macros are very helpful in WP and they have their own language or can be used to simply record a series of key strokes and menu choices to automate them to be used at the click of one button.
Good Luck


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