I want to be able to send my latest posts to subscriber's email and to feed readers. Can you tell me the lowest priced methods that are quality and simple to use? Also, check viralnova.com  and notice if you click any post it will bring up the post page and on every image a social media pop up appears. Also on the bottom of the page a facebook box appears. How are those two things done?

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One of the best methods for sending your latest posts to people is using WordPress native feeds. all WP installs have the feed at domain.com/feed. You can also customize your feed via settings -> reading.

For creating the subscription list, I love Mailchimp, it has a free version, and integrates with WordPress via iframe embed or plugin, both very well.

Lastly, for the social media share, I like how we did custom icons on my Website Design and SEO site but certainly plugins such as sharethis and addthis can offer all the functionalities you want. For the popup box, there is the capabilities within these plugins, there is also a plugin called ninja pop-ups, though I will say Pop-ups are against best practices.

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