QUESTION: How is it possible to create columns on a wordpress website? I want to create a layout that is similar to a site called upworthy

ANSWER: Hello! You can always create columns in wordpress using some simple code. Some systems enable shortcode, which is slightly easier, but the method I show here will work on any system:

<div style="clear:both; height:300px; width:800px; margin:auto">
<div style="float:left;width:380px; padding-right:40px;">Left Column Content</div>
<div style="float:left;width:380px;">Right Column Content</div>

Just adjust the column widths to make sense, or use percentage instead of fixed picel width for responsive.


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QUESTION: I'm brand new to w.p. and have basic html knowledge. What folder do I paste that code into and where do I find that folder? I want columns on the front or home w.p. page.

Go to settings -> reading and set the front page as static, and then select a page from the dropdown to display on the front. Then, go to that page, hit edit page, and paste that code into the code view, perhaps switch from width:380px; to width:45%;



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