I wrote a couple days ago. Another question here. How does a site create a full length right sidebar showing recent posts including featured images and also containing display ads. An example is a site called viralnova

There are several plugins on Wordpress.org that will create a recent posts widget in the sidebar with featured images. Here's one of them as an example: http://wordpress.org/plugins/tw-recent-posts-widget/screenshots/. If you don't like this one, you can find others by searching for "recent posts widget" in the Wordpress plugins section.

There's also a social media icon plugin that you can download: http://wordpress.org/plugins/social-media-feather/

If you have a facebook page, and would like the facebook box that's at the bottom of the Viral Nova sidebar, you can get the code for that at: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages

Assuming that the theme that you have supports a sidebar already, you would then go to Appearance > Widgets in the admin and start adding widgets in the order that you wish them to appear. You can add advertisements by entering the code into a text widget. Then just add the widgets that the plugins have created.

So if you wanted them in a similar order as Viral Nova, you could configure your widgets in this order:

- Social Media Feather Follow Icons
- Text Widget - Google Adsense Code
- Recent Posts Widget
- Text Widget - Another Google Adsense Code
- Text Widget - Facebook Like Box Code  


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