How does a site create a full length right sidebar showing recent posts including featured images and also containing display ads. An example is a site called viralnova . My theme does not have a vertical full length sidebar. Any way to add code to create a right sidebar?

From the page edit screen, check to see what template is selected. The template select can be found beneath the publish button on the right hand side of the edit screen. Any template worth its salt should have a two column option.

In this two column configuration, the right column would likely be controlled by widgets, so that the content would be duplicated on every page for which that template is selected. You can find widget under appearance --> widgets, the widget section for which you are looking is likely going to be titled "sidebar" or "right column" or something descriptive.

In the case there is no two column template, you can get your hands dirty and modify your current templates page.php in the following way:
1. Save a copy!!!
2. add a tag to the top PHP tag to make it a page template - http://codex.wordpress.org/Page_Templates
3. After your main body of content, add a div that floats right, and float the content left.

I realize this last manual step of sidebar config is not straight forward, if you go down this road you'll need to use a little CSS and HTML, but totally worth it, you feel like a WordPress master after you learn it.

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