my site has about 7 plugins and all work perfectly. Is it a concern that sometime in the future some plugins will be updated and will no longer work on my site. Maybe wordpress will update and cause these plugins not to work. I don't know much programming. If these are possible concerns what should I do and how can I prevent my site from going down?

Well, some quick answers:

1. Only use plugins that have been updated recently, and have large followings. this means the plugin authors are likely making money, and are motivated to keep the technology up on their programs.

2. Disable auto update from wordpress, if it is enabled. Generally, when WordPress jumps a version, wait. So when WP went from 3.83 to 3.9 , updating would have been a mistake. However, once we see 3.9.2, this indicates that the 3.9 programming branch has been deployed, feedback received, revised, and redeployed. (read a lot less buggy. this also gives plugins the chance to catch up to WP.

3. Lastly, some of your plugins are sacrificeable and some are not. For instance, many plugins handle analytics just fine, and these can be swapped out, but if you spend 300 hours loading images and descriptions into nextgen, this becomes a vital plugin for your site, and you would make sure that it is compatible with whatever you upgrade to.

4. Final words of wisdom: backup before upgrading. You rarely need to, but wow does it suck when you do not do it and then you need it.

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