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QUESTION: How do I setup a domain name for

ANSWER: Hey John,

If you have already registered a domain outside of Wordpress, you can map it to your blog in you admin panel. Just go to the Store to purchase the upgrade. domain mapping costs $13.00 a year.

If you haven't registered a new domain yet, you can register it through the Wordpress store. But, their registration prices look a little high. You can definitely get new domains cheaper elsewhere.

Thanks for the question! I hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Where do you recommend purchasing a domain?

I usually use for my domains. They offer a good price for new registrations and they give you domain privacy for free. This feature protects your private information if someone looks up your domain. Most registars will charge $10-$20 extra per year for this feature, but Namecheap includes it in their already low price.


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