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I use twentyfourteen and I moved the post to the far left of the page and kept one sidebar on the right. Now all of the small things like post date, author, tags and category are all over the page scattered. How can they be moved back where they belong near the post? Also, I want to increase the sidebar width and how is that done. The sidebar is the Primary one but I moved it to the right side.

Dear Al,

  First off, let us identify how it was that you caused the sidebar to be on the right side of of the 2014 theme. Since I hate the look of the 2014 theme and do not use it, I am not specifically sure of this theme's options in relations to sidebar and page customizations, but lets approach this from the viewpoint of looking at any theme, and how thing might have been messed .

   With all themes, there are 3 common possible ways to achieve something like moving the sidebar, and only one of them should be messing with the other template elements. Let us examine:

1. You selected from the template selector (located beneath the publish button box) the sidebar on the right hand side template.

If you selected this option, you are safe, it means the theme was built for it.

2. You went to the theme options, either located in its own menu box or more commonly and in the case of 2014 under appearance->options, and opted for the sidebar on the right. Some themes have these types of sidebar options on every page.

This again should be fine, as it is in no way overriding the theme, just using the theme's native options.

3. The third way to move a sidebar is to modify the css elements of either the main content box or sidebar, or to modify the theme file itself to cause the sidebar to appear at a different spot.

This third option can cause issues, as themes do not always modify that easily, particularly full featured themes like this where the features interdependent.

If none of these items resolves the problem, other things I would look at:
1. is any plugin using CSS that might be doing this?
2. Have you made any changes to the css?
3. Are you using the most up to date version of your theme, so there is no conflict with the WP core?
4. Are there any resources giving a 404 error?

In closing, I would not try to override much in a master theme if the option I need is not supported by the theme natively. When you do mess with widths, styles, templates and so forth, it can mess with mobile and other page elements, so with master themes try just using the options provided in their theme options.

A theme that is easy to customize is one that is not using so many built in options or the loop template part tags, which are tougher for new web designers to work with. A great template for new coders to check out would be the 2010 template, or the responsive theme, which I like quite a bit and is not too bloated.   

  Joshua Jacoby  


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