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Good morning, I have a few questions. i will submit them separately I hope that will be easier for you.

First, I'm somewhat new to CSS. What does !important mean? I see it on some of my theme's settings, but not sure what it means. Thanks for your help.

Thanks John for separating these questions and letting me focus on each one separately.

Usually, if you have more than one setting for a specific section of your website, the website will use the last one in the list. For example, if the CSS first sets the width of an image at 350px, then later in the CSS sets the same image to 400px, the website will use the last one in line:

img {
width: 350px;
img {
width: 400px;

The width of the image will be 400px.

However, if you put in !important after a command, that command will trump all other commands, regardless of position.

img {
width: 350px !important;
img {
width: 400px;

The width of the image will be 350px.


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