QUESTION: I copied an image from a website to my own (just for fun, i'm learning) but it is smaller on my site and I changed my height and width but no matter how large the numbers are the image stays the same size. I copied a black and white grid (located in the middle of the page of the other website). Actually most of the images are larger on that site than on mine when i copy them. The site I coped from is http://news.distractify.com/culture/mind-blowing-optical-illusions/?v=1

ANSWER: Some of the images that the website is using are smaller than they appear on the site. For example: http://www.distractify.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads//2014/05/Pretty-Lady-Af

The website has stretched this image to fit the entire width of the column by setting the image width to 100%.

If you'll send your web page containing the image, I'll take a look at the css and see what should be changed to fix your issue.

Thanks for the question.

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QUESTION: Thanks. It worked for some but what about the moving train. I tried width "100%" height "auto" but it does not work for the moving train image.

ANSWER: Can I take a look at your website to see the issue with the train image?

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If you want to change all the images on the page to be the same width, you could insert this code into your css:

p img {
width: 100%;
height: auto;

This will stretch every image across the width of the page. I felt that this made the images look too stretched and distorted, so I recommend that you look change the percentage to a lower amount. 60% looked good.

p img {
width: 60%;
height: auto;


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