I have a bluehost account and without even giving them my password they are able to go into my account a create folder or delete them while I was chatting with them. That kind of scares me. Any way to prevent anyone from bluehost to go into my account so easily or at all?

Hey Mary,

  Sadly, there are not many options in this regard with shared hosting - the administrator can always access your files. If you were to use another hosting company, it would be the same way.

  The best options are:
1. Get a hosting company you trust - Bluehost is an OK hosting company, but they hire beginners to do most front facing customer service, and this leads to mixed results. I currently only recommend Liquidweb hosting, they are the only administrators who know what they are talking about, they have helped me enormously. They can still access your stuff, but at least they are a lot more pro than average.

2. Get a totally private server - expensive, and it takes a lot of technical knowledge. You cannot even purchase from a dedicated server hosting company, as that opens you to the same issues.

The common needs behind totally private servers is usually for sharing confidential files and / or emails. There are companies that specialize in file sharing, like Google Drive, dropbox and Onedrive, and there are encrypted emails. Be sure to read the privacy policies regarding your hosting.

Last point here, be sure to have a full backup before they mess with your stuff, so if anything is weird or off after you can compare to the backup or even restore your backup with a different hosting company.

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