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QUESTION: I have a bluehost account with 3 domains on it. One domain has content and the other two are brand new and have nothing. I want to copy the webdesign, look and operation of the site that has content (everything but the content of the posts, pictures etc.) but that site is custom made. Once it is copied I want to redirect that copied site to one of my other domains. How is that done? I have little experience in all this.


  Copying your website can be a fairly easy procedure, depending. With bluehost, the cpanel allows you to add domains via the addon domains feature. The domains you add on are typically pointing to subdirectories for the domains copy - so if you add cocacola.com your directory would be maindomain.com/cocacola.com.

  In this instance, you need different copy, so you cannot simply point the addon to the main directory. You will need to:

1. Download all the files on the main site, I recommend using filezilla to be sure nothing is missed or corrupted, it is the most reliable FTP out there.

2. Upload those files to the directory for the new domain you website copy will be on.

3. If the site you are copying is DB drive, you will need to find the DB access info, and switch it for a new DB, or copy the existing DB and switch the info to point to the copy.

  You should now have a replica of the original site, on which you can modify copy or create new content!

Joshua Jacoby

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QUESTION: I am confused about what this means:  "3. If the site you are copying is DB drive, you will need to find the DB access info, and switch it for a new DB, or copy the existing DB and switch the info to point to the copy". Also, online it says to use Duplicator plugin for Wordpress to copy, download and upload the files, and then use the plugin Search and Replace plugin for Wordpress to redirect the links. I have never done this so it is all a bit confusing.

Hey Al, your bluehost cpanel has an option called DB wizard, should make that process a bit easier. It is involved copying a DB and switching the domain in the process, as well as adding a user with correct permissions, you may want to hire a professional for this part.



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