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How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One/Why is my girl friend behaving so rude?


We are 24 years old. It has been almost 16 months to our relation. she was alright for first six months of our relation, but for last one year she has become so rude towards me. her strange behavior has hurt me so badly. Some times she avoids me so much and some times she gets angry if i don't talk to her much. Some times she says she doesn't want to marry me and some other times she says that she can't live without me. She has screamed over me several times. she doesn't allow me even to talk to any of my friends, specially to my best friend. she has deleted all girls from my facebook account, though she even doesn't let me see her cell phone! But still she claims that she loves me! For last 1 month she has started getting bit strange! Even today she wanted to meet me. I waited for her for 4 hours. We were suppose to go together for some work. But she told that she has already got that work done only for her along with her friend and i must get it done my self! i was bit shocked and disappointed. then she blamed me that i am not acting good and she left without even sitting with me. What is going on! I am so much confused. I love her but she is acting so rude.. what should i do. need sincere suggestions. Sad

Hi Dr. Memon,

Guess it's time to do some plain talk with her. Start making a diary for a week with details about her strange behaviour with date and time. Then sit with her and show her the same asking why she has been so confused? There seems to be some stress affecting her and since she can't find an outlet, she is being rude and rash.



How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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