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My husband and I have been together for 6 years, for the past 3 years, he has had a smart phone and is GLUED to it. and it has only gotten worse, we will be out to dinner and he will be on his phone most of the time, I will ask him a question or for him to help me and a few minutes later I get a "did you say something" response.

His texting and driving is the worst, we have a toddler and nothing upsets me more than us driving 70mph on a busy highway and him having to check facebook and I get told to be quiet when I ask him to put it away.

We don't have a bad relationship and this is really the only thing we fight about. I tell him if he was doing business/work related stuff it would be fine but he isn't. he is on facebook or talking to people about fishing.

I cant get him to play with our son anymore without that phone being in his hand. I have asked and told him the phone needs to go away during certain times and he always says he HAS to talk to these people. Its getting to the point to where I am going to throw it in the toilet. I just don't know how to make him see that his phone is annoying and a issue.

Hi Amber

With what you describe, it's clear that he is now an addict :

The more you argue with him, the bigger chaos it would lead to. He cannot see the pleasure he is missing out on when he is busy with his cellphone. I know you are tempted to throw it on the road or flush it away but don't do that. Instead just start avoiding your husband, stop paying him any attention, let him live with his cellphone like a member of the family. Start socializing with friends and family, without him. Tell him clearly and with a  smile that since he cannot drive without peeping into the screen, you are worried about your child and your own safety, so you cannot sit in the same car.  Gradually make him realize that he is left with only his mobile as his friend. You can try setting up some rules like no cell phone while driving or when in a restaurant but those would only irk him. Instead play tit for tat, next time he says something important, keep looking your mobile.

Hope this helps.


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