How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One/my sister hates my boyfriend


ive been with my boyfriend since august and i love him hes an amazing guy the entire family loves him except my sister. he did absolutely nothing to her and out of nowhere she decides think that he is "a superficial douchebag". my boyfriend really wants my sister to like him and idk what to do. i know that her opinion of him is important to him and it hurts him that she doesnt like him when she has no reason. all he wants to do is get along with her and hes been really nice to her and she doesnt seem to wanna get along with him

Hi Rebecca,

She must be having a reason for not liking him, but she is not sharing it with you. Since you really care about her opinion, sit with her and ask her what is it that irks her? Let her know that you are concerned about her negative feelings for him and that you would want to clarify any doubts she has. Do not tell her that the whole family likes him so what's her problem? If you talk like that, she will be irritated all the more. Tell him not to try too hard to please her, act normal and be patient.



How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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