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Ok this story starts a 2 years ago me and my wife at the time were going thro a nasty divorce and I meet a friend that I had know since I was lil she was my best friends lil sis and she really help me stay strong thru it all and showed me really what love and being with some one was really about we'll hafter the divorce was over ( wich went on for a year ) . We decide to try things out between us . I had trust issues with my last wife or she had them with me so I made sure a never hide anything from this woman . She eventually moved in with me and we really clicked well for once in my life I felt really loved and needed . Well hafter a few months my x hacked my email ( have proof of this ) and was send emails to adds in craigslist ( this was her reason for divorce she told my parents and grapaernts I was gay and other things not true but made her feel better i guess ) any way my girlfriend found the emails and it was hard on her to handle until I proved it we took about a 5 month break starting last jan. we both saw other ppl and time went by we'll June of 2012 she call me up and we reconnected and it was great in July we got married and now in jan. we are split up agian she moved out yesterday . And says she needs time . But it is killing me I am all alone and I need this woman so much I never thought I would want anyone like I do her I really found out what true love was . But what do I do now

Hi, Nick! So, from what you have told me, there have been some trust issues in the past between you and your wife. Have the two of you actually sat down and talked about what the root of the problems in your marriage and relationship are?

You didn't give much detail as to why she left, but in any case, have the two of you sat down and talked about the issues within your relationship? If you haven't spoken about it in detail, then I suggest doing so as soon as possible, if you don't want to lose her.

If you can, seek out a couple's therapist or family therapist. Therapists can help you open up the lines of commuinication better, not to mention, if things become a little heated, it's always good to have an outsider's persepctive.

It sounds like you really love her and if trying to sit down and talk to her doesn't work, make sure you let her know how much you love her, but also respect her wishes that she needs some time and speace. Tell her that you will respect that she needs her space, but let her know that you are available to talk when she is ready.

I always tell everyone that communication is key in all relationships, whether it be a romantic relationship or not. If she needs her space, you have to respect that and be patient with her because as much as it may be difficult for you, she may be going through some emotional things herself.

Hopefully you two will be able to work things out! Please keep me posted! :)


How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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