How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One/Am I loosing him?..


We've been very close mates for around 4 months, we met online, met a few times etc and we have been very close. Close to a point where we have both ended up having more feelings for eachother. Things have been great, till now...

It got to a point for me that I was fed up of the distance that I couldnt see him much (he lives 3 and a half hours away), As recently he had to turn down one of the meetings cos he didnt have enough money. Ive been trying to find hotels near him just so i can be with him, and he was saying "yea sure, i will look around". He did that once with his friend which was nearly 2 weeks ago and still nothing. I been having gut feelings that he deep down doesnt want to see me anymore, and everytime i say that to him hed get really angry and upset and say "I sold my own ******* guitar so I could try get some money for the hotel to see you", and telling me "dont you dare say I havnt tried looking"..Ever since we've been arguing a lot..the slightest thing bugs us, and now I feel im the only one trying to make it work by texting him first usually, or if he texts all he says is "morning, how are you?" and that is it.

As we kept arguing he blurted out "I fucking love you, but I cant have you! The reason why we are like this is because theres too much feelings getting in the way, and it doesnt help with the distance". I like him so much and dont know wot to do anymore :'(

Hi Sarah,

No, you are not losing him but you might if you don't give him some space. Think from his point of view, he wants to do things but has less money, he loves a girl but can't be with her due to the distance, and to top it all this girl does not believe that he is putting in enough efforts. Do you realize how frustrating things are for him? So be his strength, if you can't be with him provide that support on the phone or the net. If possible you can look for an affordable hotel on the net and go give him a surprise this weekend :)

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How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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