How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One/Perception?


I was sitting on our front porch having a coffee when my wife drove home from shopping. She drove into the garage and I went in to greet her. I asked if she saw me sitting on the porch. She challenged me with "I saw you through the window you were sitting inside in front of the computer"(not joking, she was serious). This was very surprising and when I defended myself she told me "Be a man and admit it, stop lying". I honestly was sitting outside on the porch (no computer) however she would have none of it. To save any further discussion over this is my only resort "Be a man and admit it", even though I was definitely not inside nor on the computer.

Hi JC,

It does happen sometimes that a person assumes that she saw someone when it's not the truth. You can argue about it or try giving logic but don't think it would work here. So accept that you were where she thinks you were with a tag that though you were on the porch but you wouldn't want to make her unhappy by arguing. Besides, am sure this is a petty matter if it's just a one off case. But if she accuses of things all the time then we need to sort it out.



How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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