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Hello Vani. I've been having an issue with my girlfriend. We have found out last month that she is pregnant. One issue that keeps me from asking her hand in marriage (we talked about marriage and children long before she became pregnant). So she is friends with her ex coworker. She told me they used to have a huge crush on each other right before her and I started dating. She says she is over him. I asked her if she would consider cutting off communication with him because he still likes her. It's pretty obvious he does by how he used to text her at midnight. She said she would. The other day however, I seen they had been texting back and forth. I asked her about it and she shrugged it off. Now, her cell phone never ever leaves her side. She carries it around wherever she goes. I'm not sure how to handle this. She says that they are just really good friends and I have nothing to worry about. But I feel this is going to hold up on me proposing to her. My trust in her is slowly fading. I am not sure how we can regain trust in each other. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Jared C.

Hello Jared,

You have planned a life together along with a baby, you think a petty thing like this should ruin your future plans? Yes, this may be irritating you since she is taking it so lightly. But you cant link a marriage proposal with this unless you actually don't trust her. You think she is playing some game behind your back? Is it that this responsibility of a baby and marriage is too huge to undertake? What if she stops talking with this guy but after marriage starts communicating with someone else, would you then distrust her? Jared, you need to set the priorities right. Talk to her when she isn't in a bad mood, discuss with her that this is bothering you no end, do not put rules but tell her that it's time she thought about you 2 and the baby.

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