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How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One/Need advice on a Ex-Best friend


Hi its been 2 years me and my friend haven't spoken because of a fight we had over text I basically told her how I felt about her being distant, we don't hang out as much and was there something I did or is it because I have a boyfriend. When I told her she totally freaked out she basically said it isn't either and im not being distant with you and she goes you what im done and she just cut off I messaged her saying why did she just cut me off my intensions were not to hurt you or anything,and than my boyfriend he seen on her twitter she was talking bad about me saying when a friendship is over stop texing or calling get a life & move on,and that really hurt me that my boyfriend messaged her on Facebook and told her a piece of his mind which I told him not to get involved and she blocked him, and said if we message her she will call the cops... Now after that fight I still thought  about our friendship and I didn't expect her to just cut me off like that we told each other things and we helped each other when we were in our downfalls but now I really have a few things to say to her what hurt me the most what she did this is just for closeure and I don't know if I should message her on facebook and just tell her, because I don't know what to expect from her. what do you think? should I just let it go or should I message her and tell her. i'm not expecting to be friends with her again that is out of the question.  so I need advice on this.

Hello Stephanie,

It's sad that you both drifted apart in the first place without a heart to heart conversation. You've tried your best to explain your side but she isn't ready to listen.  Yes, you need to move on and ensure that your boyfriend too stays out of it. Any relationship needs honesty and an open mind. So if she has closed all doors,  just leave her alone and reminiscence the good times you once had.



How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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