How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One/Husband argues.


Can you help me understand my husband's behaviour of late please?
I so look forward to seeing him every evening when he returns from work. Lately he has appeared very angry. When I asked if everything was okay one night last week, he replied, "I am pissed off coming home here each night!" This was a shock to me as he really shouted this out in great anger and distress.
We made up. Then last night in bed I said, "I love you." He replied, "I know that. You don't have to tell me!"
He also said, "I am fed up of you asking me how my day was when I come home from work. I do the same thing every day. Don't you know that by now?"
He has made me feel very confused and sad and now I am scared to say anything in case it is wrong. He also accuses me of ignoring him when he comes in from work if I don't rush in to his arms. However if I am out he barely looks up when I come in. Please help.

Hi Joan,

You are trying your best to make him feel welcome but there is some chaos at his workplace and it's causing him stress. Just leave him alone for a few days, don't make it look deliberate though. For example you are at the super market one day and at the park the next, with a friend the other day. So you aren't home and let him miss you.  Stop talking about his work, not even how was his day. Stop all forms of sweet nothings that he has taken for granted till now. Show you are busy when he is home, get into the kitchen or read a book. Trust me he'll come to his senses soon and share what's bothering him. Love yourself as much as you love him.


How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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