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hi Dr Vani, you just replied to my email. the Hamid one. you exactly got the main issue in all the story i told you. yess he's immature, yes he won't ever stand for me. this is something i know. thing is Dr, he MSGD me aftr 4 years. and his msgs sound guilty. do you think he's tryna use me by msgn me again? how so? i mean Why would he msg a person he doesn't care about. there is something no? plus he soinded so guilty evenmy friends were saying so. doesn't that show he's guilty of what happened? course he doesn't know what i go through because ive never told him. but why do you think he msgd me after so long? just to keep a check? why does he want to check me? what does he want exactly? can you comprehend his psychy? and then when i asked for friendship, he's confused. why so?

Hi Maria Anis,

He may be feeling a little bit of guilt but that's not enough to change him as a person. It's possible that he had some event in his life which was not so pleasant and he came back thinking at least you will have him. The moment you start depending on him, he will give you another shock. The real reason is he is not in love with you but he loves the idea of being in a relationship. He will ditch you again when you need him. So keep your thoughts to yourself, he doesn't deserve to know, move on in life, hang out with more friends, take up a hobby, do anything that keeps you busy.



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