How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One/bootcamp problems


i recently signed up for the military and ill be shipping next year. my best friend who's a girl was ok with it but now isnt. ive loved her for a long time and now she comes out and tells me she does to. but she wont commit or go with me because im going cuz she doesn't want to get attached. she doesnt want me to quit bootcamp either. theres no other girl i even consider but her.and it killing me cuz its like i dont get a choice and i really want it to work for us./and isnt she already attached if she came out and told me? wat should i do.

Hi Donoven,

She is simply scared and confused. She does not know what the future holds for her and for this relationship. You can just let her know that you have faith and she needs to hang on as you can't fathom a life with anybody else. But if she still feels she needs to move on, she can but you would love her till the end of time. She will have the courage to wait for you after hearing this.



How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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