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Hello, ive just started dating a few months now, now as much as I know my partner im not pretending I know everything about her. Now shes just said to me "I don't think im the nice person you think I am, and have done things in the past that im not proud of". Now my main question is, if things are to get serious is it really necessary to know my partners past?, or should I just say well the past is the past & its none of my business what she did in the past and just accept her for who she is now?.



Hi Martin,

Let's assume that there are just some petty but nasty details about her past and you come to know about them. Or let's assume that her past has real gory details and she shares them with you. In any of the 2 conditions what good impact will it have on your future? Can it make your present happier? You cannot judge a person on who they have been, yes play it cool and try to understand her as a woman, as a friend, as a partner. Get to know about her likes, dislikes, family, education -- these would help you decide how far you want to go.



How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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