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How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One/I am not a teen but I really need advice


Do you keep thinking about a question someone asked you on things you are sensitive even though the
person accepted your answer

Also how would you take this:

I (age 58) wasnt feeling well a couple of days ago. When I went into my mothers (age 88) room because I wasnt feeling well (feeling queasy, dizzy, and shallow breath) she said to me "Do you think it could be you have too much stuff in your bedroom)". So I said to her "No, but where would I keep the things in my bedroom if not in my bedroom" and she said "I dont know, but not in my room" I have a lot of knicknacks on my dresser, etc, tons of clothes (in my closets). Would you take it to mean she is implying give away

However, when I answered by saying "Nope", she accepted it. Then about a half hour later when she and I were talking she said "The way you could be feeling could be a million reasons".

So would you accept that she accepts your answer "No" for it isnt anything in your room and she isnt implying give away.

Hi Debbie,

There are 2 types of reactions to a conversation - act and guess. Why leave it to guess work when you can point blank ask her - is she suggesting a give away or is she just plainly concerned about your health? She is your mother and you have a right to ask her questions without feeling awkward about it. Though from this account above, looks like she accepted your No for an answer at least temporarily.



How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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