How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One/women problems.


I have recently moved from one city to another and during this time found out from a girl I was seeing for the better part of a year had fallen pregnant. We had agreed to keep the baby & make things work between us when only  a week later she let me know that her ex bf (of over 4 years who has never gotten over her & wants her back) was going to be staying with her for A WEEK!. She says she feels as though she owes him cos he had done so much for her during their relationship. Am I wrong for thinking this is just totally insane, cos she's telling me I should understand & be a man about it!???

Hi David,

This is totally insane and immature, what exactly is she expecting? That he will behave like a gentleman and not get emotional when he gets to know she is pregnant? That he'd just congratulate her and move on? But the fact remains that you can only advise her, you can't force her. So hope for the best but be prepared that she'd act weird for a bit after he leaves town! Try if you can just drop by during this week as a pleasant surprise.



How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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