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QUESTION: Okay so my name is Trey I'm 24 years old my girlfriend or at this point my eggs is 23 we broke up because I found out she was cheating that was my fault I want her back and I'm willing to do anything we both have our history of cheating on each other back and forth and we worked it out in the past I told her this time then I'm sorry I didn't really mean to break up and she said I don't care and left and we had and we haven't really talked for about a week now I mean we talk daily but it's not really about the about the main it's not really about what really matters I told her I'm willing to do anything and everything I can to win her back I understand I got to put actions before my words I guess I'm asking for your help or maybe your advice on what I could do to maybe win her back

ANSWER: Hello Trey

You are absolutely right, now actions will have to speak louder than words. The first step would be to promise yourself that you'd not go astray.  The moment you do that,  it'll start reflecting in your eyes and words.  You'll have to sit with her and assure her of your intentions.  Avoid situations which act like a trigger and get rid of the guilt. Just keep repeating to yourself that now you'll be loyal. Things will gradually fall in place.



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QUESTION: But is there anything specific I can do or say to make her realize my sincerity. Like should I ask her fo .eet or just give it time?

Hi Trey,

Am sorry for the delay in replying, if you say anything which sounds extraordinary she'll find it hard to believe you. If you do something that you have never done before, it'll raise alarm bells. So just be 'you', but assure her that this was the last mistake you made. As I said if you are honest, your eyes will reflect that thought. Do not do things which you did earlier, which made her doubt you.



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